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Steve Gould is a Lincolnshire based artist & photographer, and the man behind the Splash of Gould Community Arts.

Pro SAA associate artist Steve Gould will be exhibiting his work at the Embassy Theatre in Skegness from June through to August 2019.

Steve Gould

Artist. Creator. Photographer.



With this exhibition I aim to bring a message of hope for our planet that we are not condemned, but we can change our ways and preserve precious habitats. It is vital that we eradicate the impact of single use plastic waste.

I want to add my artistic voice to those campaigning vigorously and raise awareness of the destructive nature of pollution upon the land and in our oceans.

My work focuses largely on the environment. Evolution and the development of bigger cities and a growth of industrialised means to power our planet has had consequences on nature & impacts our everyday lives. I hope my work will challenge people to look more closely at the damage that is being done so that we can inspire hope and change for a better future.


I like to immerse myself in the natural environment and create detailed pencil sketches. I incorporate these observations into my pen work. Secret Squirrel contains elements within the bark of the natural world - challenging the viewer to look more closely.

I have a great passion and belief in expressing my emotions and not merely painting what I see. I’m particularly fascinated by the notion of Biomimicry in that art can imitate life and interact with the environment in an ever changing world.

Secret Squirrel
Nature Photography


I like to use a Canon Mk3 with a 50mm lens. This allows me the creativity to carefully compose each image to best reveal the colours and textures. I hope to encourage people to not just look, but to really see the world around them.

I use photography to show hidden depths of the natural world. I choose to photograph the world around me from unusual angles - perhaps challenging people's point of view and revealing aspects of a scene that might not be visible at first glance.


Set up in 2016 as a community based art group, Splash of Gould Arts currently holding sessions at the Storehouse and the Eco Centre in Skegness.

Our ethos is to provide a relaxing atmosphere to enable our members to take part in expressive art activities. They are free to try their hand at a variety of art pursuits while relaxing in convivial company.

Art is for all and not confined to a select few
Splash Of Gould Arts
Steve Gould


I don’t set out to produce art about one subject or another, but I’m never without a sketchbook. Using Acrylic and mixed media I strive to create pieces that are thought provoking, emotive and capture the spontaneous beauty that surrounds us.

I aim to establish myself as an evocative painter of landscapes and urban scenes by using broad brush and colour to create clear vistas of the city and landscape. I enjoy painting scenes of dawn and sunset, drawing upon an innate sensitivity in an effort to reflect my surroundings with exuberant lavish strokes.

As my work evolves, in its wake new works are created & this triggers new experiences which in turn inspire me to produce new artwork. Influcenced by Munch and Francis Bacon, new variations are created from both traditional and modern structures.

Would you like to get in touch? You can send me a message via my Facebook page by following the link below.


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